Diostyl offers multiple solutions for your specific requirements. We offer varnishes for al types of end-uses varying from chemical cans to food and / or aerosols.

Diostyl offers a wide variaty of high performance direct to metal varnishes and overprint varnishes for multiple enduses. Varnishes with high chemical resistance, food compliancy, for regular ends, EOE or any other requirement. Weather you need flexibility for drawn cans or hardness for bodies we will find the best option for your needs. Our varnish portfolio includes high-solid and or waterbased materials. Please contact us to discuss the best possible option for your end use. 


  • FDA
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Low cure
  • Sterilisation


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3-piece cans / Aerosols / Drawn cans / DRD / Drums / Easy open ends / Ends / Foodcans / General line / Twist-off / Regular ends


Chemical / Food / External / Easy open ends / General line


Epoxy / Acrylic / Alkyd