Diostyl offers a broad product portfolio. Contact us for your individual recommendation. 

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Rollercoat / Anilox

Diostyl clear and white basecoats are polyester based for use on 3 pc food, drawn cans, GL cans pails and closures.

External Clear

Anilox / Rollercoat / Sheet-fed

Diostyl BPA-NIA Polyester based clear protective varnish direct to metal offering high scratchresistance and perfect mobility.

External Gold

Anilox / Rollercoat / Sheet-fed

Diostyl Polyester BPA-NIA based gold pigmented basecoats for use on 3 pc food and GL cans or caps and closures. 

HM liquid side-stripes

Rollercoat / Spray

Diostyl has developed a series of high molecular weight side-stripes for aggressive food and chemical packs. 

Internal gold basecoat

Rollercoat / Anilox / Sheet-fed

Diostyl's polyester based internal gold lacquer BPA-NIA.

Internal topcoat

Anilox / Rollercoat / Sheet-fed

Diostyl polyesterbased BPA-NIA polyester based clear top-coat.

Internal white

Anilox / Rollercoat / Sheet-fed

Diostyl polyester white internal for 3-pc cans and EOE.

Non Varnish White Basecoat

Anilox / Rollercoat / Sheet-fed

Diostyl's BPA-NIA non-varnish white basecoats are a multi usable polyester based materials for use as single layer on 3 pc foodcans, aerosols, flexible and GL cans and / or caps and closures.

The Diostyl BPA-NIA post repairspray is a Polyester based one-component for external EOE. 

Diostyl's BPA-NIA powder is a modified polyester based white powder sidestripe for internal food and GP metal cans. 


Anilox / Rollercoat / Spray / Sheet-fed

Prostyl® PSB 16/1 is a special waterbourne polyolefin range of products, suitable for internal protection of metal packaging components, containers and ends. 

Side Stripe

Spray / Rollercoat

Diostyl offers multiple regular products for your end use.


Rollercoat / Anilox

Diostyl offers multiple solutions for your specific requirements. We offer varnishes for al types of end-uses varying from chemical cans to food and / or aerosols.

Waterbased side stripes

Rollercoat / Spray

Diostyl offers a series of waterbased side-stripes for different internal and external end-uses to reduce VOC and improve the overall and working environment. Please contact us to see if we can offer a solution for your needs.