HM liquid side-stripes

Diostyl has developed a series of high molecular weight side-stripes for aggressive food and chemical packs. 

The Diostyl HM side-stripes offer a high level of protection against acid products in the food industrie. For customers not having a powder equipment already these HM side-stripes can be a perfect alternative. We can supply these products in a clear, gold or a white version if required. Please feel free to contact our customer service to learn more about this exciting technology.


  • FDA
  • Halal
  • High chemical resistance
  • Kosher
  • Melamine Free
  • Phenolic Free
  • Sterilisation


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3-piece cans / Aerosols / Foodcans / General line / Drums


Chemical / Food / Internal / External / Side stripe / General line


Epoxy / Epoxy-phenolic / Polyamide / Acrylic