Prostyl® PSB 16/1 is a special waterbourne polyolefin range of products, suitable for internal protection of metal packaging components, containers and ends. 

This technology is new for our market, yet recognisable as polyoefins are widely used in general packaging and now also available for metal packaging. We would be pleased to explain the benefits and ins-and outs of our development and discuss how this can offer advantages for you and your customers.


  • Benzoguamine Free
  • FDA
  • Halal
  • High chemical resistance
  • Kosher
  • Low cure
  • Melamine Free
  • Phenolic Free


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2-piece cans / 3-piece cans / Aerosols / Beer and Bevarage / Drawn cans / Drums / Easy open ends / Foodcans / General line


Chemical / Food / Internal / Side stripe / General line


Epoxy-phenolic / Protact / Polyamide / Epoxy buff / Epoxy